Flare Response

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy affects up to 50% of people with diabetes and results in significant morbidity and mortality resulting in significant healthcare costs. There is increasing evidence that small unmyelinated nerve fibres that mediate pain and thermal sensitivity (C-fibres) are involved early in the development of neuropathy in type 2 diabetes. A heating test (combined with blood flow imaging) has been developed to asses increases in skin blood flow at the site of heating and also increases in blood flow in the surrounding skin due to axon reflex flare. It has been found that the flare response, in terms of flare area surrounding a heated central region, is impaired in patients with early neuropathy compared with those without neuropathy. The LDI-Flare test originally developed by Krishnan et al has been refined for speed and sensitivity by Vas et al by pre-warming patients and increasing the stimulus temperature from 44°C to 47°C.

Equipment Recommendations

The moorLDI2-IR offers laser Doppler blood flow imaging of the feet and can be used with a clinical mobile stand (MS2-MKII). The heat challenge is provided by moorVMS-HEAT (unique embedded software is offered on request with higher heat temperatures and restricted heat duration).

Laser Doppler Imager

Large area, high resolution blood flow laser Doppler imaging

moorLDI2-IR | Laser Doppler Imager

What Next?

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