Femoral Head Blood Flow Assessment

Adequate blood perfusion is required for bone healing / knitting processes and laser Doppler is an established technique for the monitoring of blood flow in bone. In areas where the blood supply is limited to a few vessels, such as the femoral head, laser Doppler has been shown to give optimal perfusion measurements for estimating microcirculatory compromise. The monitoring of perfusion in the femoral head can be useful for many reasons including, but not limited to, during surgical dislocation of the hip or during femoral head resurfacing arthroplasty.

Using high power laser Doppler with wide separation probes enables a larger volume of bone to be sampled when compared to standard laser Doppler systems. Sampling a larger volume aids improved signal-to-noise ratio whilst also reducing site to site variation.

Equipment Recommendations

We recommend the high power moorVMS-LDF1-HP monitor with a VP7BS-HP needle probe for intraosseous and surface measurements. The combination of wider fibre separation and higher laser power is optimal for greater penetration. The moorVMS-PC Windows software also offers FFT and wavelet analysis to evaluate pulse intensity in the flow signals.

High Power Laser Doppler Monitor

High power tissue blood flow and temperature monitoring, enabling measurements from deeper tissues

moorVMS-LDF1-HP | High Power Laser Doppler Monitor

VP7BS-HP - Blunt needle end delivery probe for use with moorVMS-LDF1-HP only
SOFTWARE-VMS-RESEARCH-4VX - Advanced aquisition and analyses functions to collect signals and automate control protocol modules

What Next?

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to request your copy of our free Application Note which includes a detailed experimental method and practical suggestions. We also offer no obligation on-site visits so you can test the equipment in your facility.


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