moorVMS-PC Software


Advanced aquisition and analyses functions to collect signals and automate control protocol modules

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    University of Exeter Medical School

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    Faisel Khan, PhD
    Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

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    Paul Sumners, PhD
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    Momoh A. Yakubu, PhD
    Texas Southern University

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    Gourav Banerjee
    Leeds Beckett University

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    Jim House, PhD
    University of Portsmouth

  • In a nutshell, moorFLPI-2 is the most user-friendly system for studying cerebral blood flow regulation in rodents.

    Chia-Yi (Alex) Kuan, MD, PhD
    Emory University School of Medicine

The moorVMS-PC V4 Windows based software package is specifically designed to work with your own moorVMS setup and is fully compatible with all of the existing modules including the new moorVMS-ION iontophoresis controller.

The software features a new batch processing routine, implemented to save time and repeat labour when analysing large datasets. The software also includes a new graphical interface with fully dock-able windows and the option to customise styles and colours.

The software is compatible with all moorVMS modules (moorVMS-LDF / moorVMS-NIRS / moorVMS-OXY / moorVMS-PRES / moorVMS-HEAT / moorVMS-ION) for measurement, protocol control, analysis and reporting.

Any number and combination of modules can be connected to your PC, via the USB ports for plug and play usability. The software works seamlessly with USB hub extensions.

Data files from DRT4 (.drt) and moorLAB (.mlb) monitors can also be opened using V4 moorVMS-PC software, allowing use of the new advanced processing and data analysis features including FFT analysis, wavelet analysis and report generation.

This software enables;

  • Clear graphical and digital display of all measurement modules connected, featuring quick set-up.
  • Multiple alarm options for low, high absolute levels and % baseline.
  • Protocol capability for automated control and analysis of iontophoresis drug delivery, tissue heating and pressure cuff control.
  • Protocol scripting for automated recording, pausing measurement, sound prompts, insert marker, display text message, digital trigger.
  • Storage of data for subsequent analysis and conversion to spreadsheet style format.
  • Marker and ROI (Region of Interest) functions for flexible analysis including add, edit, delete and search.
  • Simple analysis functions including: mean, std deviation, median, min, max, area under curve, histogram and curve fitting.
  • Vasomotion/ Pulsatility analysis using FFT and wavelet analysis.
  • Routine analysis of standard protocols, including; Toe Pressure, Ankle Brachial Pressure Index, % changes, Trending, skin heating and iontophoresis.
  • Report generation with a formatting wizard to suit your individual requirements, for display in PDF, JPG, XML and other formats.
  • Dedicated “spectral monitoring mode” for moorVMS-OXY and moorVMS-NIRS.

A demonstration version is provided with every moorVMS system.