• Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)The measurement of Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) is a useful, non-invasive test performed during investigations of vascular function
  • Burn Wound AssessmentMoor has consulted with burns surgeons worldwide for over 20 years to develop laser Doppler imaging as a powerful aid to burn wound assessment.
  • Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD)Cortical spreading depression describes a wave of neuronal depolarization associated with influx of cat-ions and water which blocks normal cerebral activity
  • Critical Limb Ischaemia (CLI)Laser Doppler is commonly used in the testing of critical limb ischaemia. This can be simply and rapidly achieved using the moorVMS-LDF and moorVMS-PRES.
  • Endothelial DysfunctionStudies of endothelial dysfunction are widespread and include a number of areas of both clinical and pre-clinical research
  • Femoral Head Blood Flow AssessmentIn areas where the blood supply is limited to a few vessels, such as the femoral head, laser Doppler has been shown to give optimal perfusion measurements for estimating microcirculatory compromise.
  • Flap Monitoring (Post-Op)
  • Flare ResponseA heating test (combined with blood flow imaging) has been developed to asses increases in skin blood flow at the site of heating and also increases in blood flow in the surrounding skin due to axon reflex flare
  • Hind Limb Ischaemia (HLI)The hind limb ischaemia angiogenesis experimental model to test the formation and development of new blood vessels
  • Intestinal And Gastric Mucosal PerfusionBlood flow assessments (imaging and monitoring) have been made of scerosal surfaces of the gut when exposed surgically
  • Ischaemic UlcerMoor Instruments provides a range of equipment enabling simple, rapid and non-invasive monitoring of blood flow, tissue oxygen saturation and temperature
  • Muscle Oxygen AssessmentsMuscle Oxygen Assessments
  • Neuro-Vascular CouplingTissue oxygen monitoring using white-light reflective spectroscopy is well suited to record local changes in oxygenation, and functional related changes in haemoglobin from the opened cortex
  • Patch TestingSub-epidermal blood flow, changes can be assessed using laser Doppler monitors and imagers
  • Peripheral Autonomic NeuropathyLaser Doppler monitoring is used to assess the magnitude and time course of the vasodilation, and additional information on the flare area can be obtained with laser Doppler and Speckle imaging.
  • Post Occlusive Reactive Hyperaemia (PORH)The measurement of Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) is a useful, non-invasive test performed during investigations of vascular function and has long been used to aid detection and diagnosis of peripheral arterial disease (PAD).
  • Postural VasoconstrictionVeno-arteriolar reflex (VAR) and associated changes in blood flow can be assessed by laser Doppler
  • Pulp Vitality TestLaser Doppler is considered more reliable than sensory testing for pulp vitality testing
  • Pulse Volume Recording (PVR)The measurement of pulse volume is a useful initial test for patients with suspected lower limb peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • Raynaud’s DiseaseRaynaud’s Disease and can be easily assessed using laser Doppler techniques in combination with a cold challenge
  • Skin Perfusion Pressure (SPP)The measurement of Skin Perfusion Pressure (SPP) with laser Doppler is a non-invasive test.
  • Stroke Model (MCAO)The middle cerebral artery occlusion (MCAO) model is a commonly used technique for the creation of a stroke model
  • Toe Blood Pressure (TBP)Using laser Doppler with automated pressure systems TBP measurements have been shown to be reproducible with less inter and intraobserver variability than that reported for Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI)
  • Wheal and Flare Response (WFR)The microvascular blood flow response is visualised by laser Doppler or speckle imaging and enables the investigation of Wheal and Flare Response (WFR)


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