moorFLPI-2 Clinical Software


Clinical software to streamline tissue perfusi […]

  • In a nutshell, moorFLPI-2 is the most user-friendly system for studying cerebral blood flow regulation in rodents.

    Chia-Yi (Alex) Kuan, MD, PhD
    Emory University School of Medicine

  • Moor Instruments have consistently provided excellent help and support for my research.

    Kim Gooding, PhD
    University of Exeter Medical School

  • I cannot rate the company or the staff highly enough.

    Jim House, PhD
    University of Portsmouth

  • Laser Doppler Imager is a standard accurate method we now use in our cerebral blood flow and brain perfusion in our laboratory.

    Momoh A. Yakubu, PhD
    Texas Southern University

  • We can't recommend Moor instruments highly enough. The technology is at the cutting edge and the support second to none.

    Paul Sumners, PhD
    London South Bank University

  • I expect to be using Moor Instrument’s technology for many years to come!

    Faisel Khan, PhD
    Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

  • It goes without saying that the company's imaging technology itself is superb!

    Gourav Banerjee
    Leeds Beckett University

  • We have found Moor equipment to be extremely dependable and innovative.

    Dean L. Kellogg, Jr., MD, Ph.D
    University of Texas Health Science Center

Clinical software to streamline tissue perfusion assessment in clinical settings using a proven non-contact imaging technology for microvascular blood flow.

moorFLPI-2 Clinical software together with the moorFLPI2 laser speckle blood flow imager, streamlines routine clinical research measurements.

The software has been designed to enable quick and easy visualisation of tissue blood flow in your subject to capture representative snapshots, or to track progress, pre, intra and post operation.

The software eases clinical research by following a smooth work flow to;

  • Collect patient information (including details of their wound location and cause) stored in a searchable database,
  • Easily configure scan settings and scan the patient,
  • Capture Representative Snapshots,
  • Save and search the records within an easy to use database,
  • Analyse data and configure and Generate reports.

Predefined scan settings and database structures are provided for burn wounds, Reconstructive/ Plastic surgery cases and Other clinical research assessments.

Central to the system is the moorFLPI-2 laser speckle blood flow imager, offering large, real time scanning, high resolution images with the ability to track changes over seconds, minutes, hours and days. The clinic friendly system is completed with a mobile stand and touchscreen, medical grade panel PC.