We are very much looking forward to the FENS forum in Copenhagen – starting Sunday 2nd May and running through to Wednesday the 5th. We will be located just inside the poster rooms, booth 117. Come and find out how we can help with laser Doppler systems for stroke modelling, laser speckle imaging for cortical spreading depression and tissue oxygen monitoring with the new moorVMS-NIRS designed for real time through skull measurements in humans.

Hopefully you will have time to look around Copenhagen too?

Nyhavn is the picture postcard view of Copenhagen and offers numerous restaurants and coffee shops to people watch in lovely surroundings! Copenhagen Zoo is always worth a visit as are Tivoli Gardens. If you are arriving early, or staying late, visit Tivoli on a Friday evening for free “Friday Rocks” concerts. How to get around? Rent a city bike and enjoy the cycle snake bridge and the rest of the city network!