With the release of the new moorVMS-OXY and moorVMS-DAQ modules, Moor are pleased to extend the same popular 3 year warranty terms to the new systems, already proven popular with moorVMS laser Doppler customers. This warranty applies to every system sold and applies regardless of whether the system is serviced annually or not.

We are immensely proud of the quality and reliability of our systems and this is reflected in the most generous standard warranty terms in the business (which even extends to a six month warranty on our optic probes).

In answer to a growing demand for annual certification amongst both clinical and research customers, we have also introduced a low cost annual service option. Customers that take up annual servicing of their moorVMS systems are automatically rewarded with a 5 year warranty and timed messages are used to remind you when a service is due. The monitors will even remind you when you need to check probe calibration!