Postural Vasoconstriction

On changing posture from a supine position to standing, the microvasculature of the lower limbs vaso-constricts. This is the veno-arteriolar reflex (VAR) and the associated change in blood flow can be assessed by laser Doppler. The VAR is a mechanism that protects the delicate microvasculature of the lower limbs from damage due to excess hydrostatic blood pressure. The impairment of the VAR is seen in diabetes and more recently in primary biliary cirrhosis.

Although monitoring can be used, imaging will provide multiple LD flux measurements that can be averaged. The VAR index is Flux average in the dependent position / Flux average in the supine position x 100%. Observed values for VAR: normal healthy = 18%; diabetic without neuropathy = 29%; diabetic with neuropathy = 54%.

Рекомендации по оборудованию

The VAR can be assessed by imaging if measures are taken to enable the scan head to move by the 50cm change in height and any angle adjustments during change of foot position; the moorLDLS2 on an MS3b mobile stand would be an appropriate choice. The moorVMS-LDF with a VPIT/7 probe can also be used in conjunction with moorVMS-PC software.

Laser Doppler Line Scanner

Rapid laser Doppler blood flow imaging

moorLDLS | Laser Doppler Line Scanner

moorLDLS2 - Rapid laser Doppler blood flow imaging
MS3B - Mobile Stand

Лазерная допплеровская система мониторинга

Усовершенствованный мониторинг кровотока с помощью лазерного допплера и мониторинг температуры

moorVMS-LDF2 | Лазерная допплеровская система мониторинга

moorVMS-LDF - Усовершенствованный мониторинг кровотока с помощью лазерного допплера и мониторинг температуры
SOFTWARE-VMS-RESEARCH-4VX - Advanced aquisition and analyses functions to collect signals and automate control protocol modules
VP1T/7 - Комбинированный температурный и оптический зонд, который подает световое излучение под прямым углом к кабелю зонда, с 8-ю «собирающими» волокнами.

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