MBF3D monitor launches and a move to EX13 5HU

As more staff came on board, work could begin on the MBF3 series which featured a (world first) dual channel design to allow comparisons of blood flow at stimulated and control sites. With the take-off of commercial laser diodes commonly found in CD, DVD players in car and home, we could take advantage of the much more compact laser packages and added heating/ cooling circuitry to keep the lasers ultra-stable, (which is still our solution today). The monitor also featured a graphical display, inbuilt data memory and inbuilt colour plotter – again all features that were well ahead of their time. The additional freedom provided by advances in microprocessor design enabled cutting edge design and functionality. The MBF3 was one of the first real commercial successes of the company and really established us as a highly competitive supplier and gave confidence to recruit other staff to boost production, sales and marketing and to develop new systems. It was around this time too that the company moved to the current location — purpose built premises in Axminster UK ready for increased staffing covering all functions.