We are delighted to announce the formal release of moorVMS-VASC V2.0 software, building on the moorVMS-VASC platform to ease clinical research using routine pressure assessment protocols, such as toe pressure, ABPI, skin perfusion pressure etc.

So What’s New?

  • Batch Analysis provides the ability to perform statistical analysis on the recorded monitoring data file associated with each Patient Record in the Patient Details Database.
  • Angiosome Guided SPP enables up to four simultaneous SPP measurements on the Angiosomes of the Ankle and Foot for improved revascularisation targeting.
  • Treadmill Exercise Protocol with results for pre/post exercise ABPI or TBPI. Pain events during and immediately after the exercise can also be document.
  • Improved Analysis Reports can now be exported in either Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) or Rich Text Format (RTF).
  • Improved Protocol Setup allows users to add or remove protocols at run-time to quickly create customised test sequences which can then be saved for later use.
  • Skin Heater Protocols have now been added for the moorVMS-HEAT Monitors.
  • Dual Cuff Support enabling two cuffs to be controlled by one moorVMS-PRES Module.

If you would like to receive a demo version of this software to enable you to explore the benefits, please do not hesitate to contact us!

moorVMS-VASC Software