Medical device for optical imaging of blood flow during keyhole surgery.

An innovative collaboration between Moor Instruments and the University of Dundee has enabled a cutting-edge development, to provide real time imaging of blood flow during keyhole surgery. This collaborative venture, a testament to the North of Scotland Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Centre, marks a milestone in the field of medical imaging.

Maintaining optimal blood flow during keyhole surgery is critical to minimizing complications. However, gauging blood flow levels during such procedures has always posed a considerable challenge.

In order to realise the innovation, Moor recognised the need for specialised expertise in endoscopy and miniaturised optics. The academic team at the University of Dundee, having honed their proficiency in endoscope technology through a decade of research and clinical studies, proved to be the ideal collaborators. Thus, Moor Instruments, renowned for its proficiency in electronics and laser technology for blood flow assessments, embarked on a journey of collaboration with the University of Dundee to create the pioneering tool to facilitate real-time assessment of blood flow during intricate keyhole surgical procedures.

The culmination of this partnership yielded a fully functional prototype, with pre-clinical testing already underway at the conclusion of the project.

View the KTP video here.

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About Moor Instruments: Moor Instruments is a distinguished player in the field of electronics and laser technology, specialising in cutting-edge medical solutions that drive positive patient outcomes. With a commitment to innovation, Moor Instruments stands at the forefront of advancements in medical technology.

About the University of Dundee: The University of Dundee is a leading academic institution known for its pioneering research and contributions to a wide array of disciplines.

About North Scotland KTP Centre: The North of Scotland Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Centre fosters partnerships between academia and industry, facilitating collaborative projects that drive innovation and knowledge exchange for mutual benefit.

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