Capture every detail with new moorFLPI-2 USB edition

The New 2020 edition of our moorFLPI-2 blood flow imager has arrived and offers some significant improvements over the firewire edition… With a new camera and laser package and updated software we can now offer;

  • Improved pixel resolution – from 10 microns to 3.9 microns.
  • Improved frame rates – 100 frames per second, up from 25.
  • Maximum pixel density of 6.6M pixels per sq. cm up from 1M.
  • x10 optical zoom to allow you to measure blood flow in anything from a mouse brain to a human hand.
  • A single USB3 connection providing easy, more universal connections to your choice of PC platform.
  • Image area from 6mm x 8mm to 225mm x 300mm.

The 2020 edition really represents a step improvement so let us know if you would like to see one in action.