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January 2017

NEW Optical tcpO2

NEW Optical tcpO2 from Medicap (distributed by Moor Instruments). You may be familiar with traditional Clark electrode tcpO2, but maybe not with the new optical alternative. Why choose optical tcpO2, unique to Medicap, instead of a Clark electrode? Innovative and unique optical probe design for rapid, accurate and reliable results. Easy and convenient to use –probe does not require re-membraning (unlike the Clark electrode). Optical probe does not consume any oxy ...

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moorVMS-VASC V2.0!

We are delighted to announce the formal release of moorVMS-VASC V2.0 software, building on the moorVMS-VASC platform to ease clinical research using routine pressure assessment protocols, such as toe pressure, ABPI, skin perfusion pressure etc. So What's New? Batch Analysis provides the ability to perform statistical analysis on the recorded monitoring data file associated with each Patient Record in the Patient Details Database. Angiosome Guided SPP enables up to four s ...

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