Apricus Biosciences Announces First Patient Enrolled in Phase 2a Clinical Trial for RayVa™

Moor Instruments is proud to have supplied Apricus Biosciences (NexMed U.S.A. Inc) with laser Doppler imaging kits for their Phase 2a clinical trial of their topical RayVa™ therapy. Apricus specified moorLDLS laser Doppler line scanning to help demonstrate alterations in microvascular flow following a standardized cold challenge. “Raynaud’s phenomenon is a near universal feature of scleroderma and causes pain, loss of hand function and is associated with fingertip ulcerations and loss of finger substance. A topical therapy such as RayVa has the ability to improve blood flow locally without systemic adverse effects and has the potential to alleviate symptoms and possibly prevent finger injury,” said Dr. James R. Seibold, an internationally recognized researcher in both scleroderma and Raynaud’s phenomenon and the Principal Member of Scleroderma Research Consultants, LLC.

The full press release from Apricus can be found here.

For more information on the clinical trial click here.