Moor has recently released new modules to join the moorVMS laser Doppler system. The moorVMS concept is proving popular with a threefold increase in monitor sales in the first year of release. The combination of highest quality, specification with keen pricing has been key to the success. The new additions include;

moorVMS-PC V3.0 – New PC software offers a seamless interface for your combination of modules. Advanced protocol control functions to allow you to combine skin heating, iontophoresis, pressure cuff control as well as integrating signals from tissue blood flow, tissue oxygenation monitors and up to 8 external analogue sources (with the new VMS-DAQ data acquisition system). Powerful analysis and reporting functions, including a full range of stats analysis, FFT and wavelet analysis, plus reporting for standard protocol products (iontophoresis, tissue heating, pressure cuff control).

moorvMS-PRES – automated pressure cuff control module to standardise, automate and simplify tests such as reactive hyperaemia, toe pressure, pulse volume, ABPI etc. The automation is extended to the reporting functions too – saving lengthy manual analysis.

MAJOR product release – moorVMS-OXY. The newest member of the family adds rapid, non invasive and convenient tissue oxygenation assessments to the moorVMS package. Based on the white light spectroscopy technique, the OXY enables measurement of tissue oxygenation signals either independently, or combined with, tissue blood flow (laser Doppler). With up to 40 measurements per second, the system is highly responsive to changes in oxygen status. Convenient in use compared to other methods, the system requires no user calibration, offers simple probe placement with no consumables, ultimately saving time and money. With the first units due to ship by the end of 2010, we are encouraging customers to register their interest to receive priority information, schedule a demonstration/ loan and a discount voucher worth 5% off the normal price of the monitor, valid until end of April 2011.