Since the moorVMS-LDF laser Doppler monitor was launched, the combination of high specification, quality engineering, low price, and long warranty has proved to be a success.

The entire moorVMS family now consists of: –

  • moorVMS-LDF laser Doppler monitor
  • moorVMS-OXY tissue oxygenation monitor
  • moorVMS-PRES pressure cuff controller
  • moorVMS-DAQ data acquisition module
  • moorVMS-LDF1-HP high power laser Doppler monitor

There is considerable interest in the moorVMS-OXY in particular which uses white light spectroscopy as the basis of measurement and provides real time oxygen saturation readings. This allows us to offer small needle and skin probe designs with combined blood flow, tissue oxygen, and temperature measurements all in one probe head.

To compliment the new modules, moorVMS-PC v3.0 software is now available with extended measurement and analysis features with the ability to control the MIC2 iontophoresis controller, the SH02 skin heater and the moorVMS-PRES protocol products linking all the measurements and protocols together conveniently. The software can also accept up to 8 external signals via the moorVMS-DAQ data acquisition unit.

DRT4 and moorLAB users can take advantage of the analysis features of this new software by exporting files into the v3.0 moorVMS-PC software for data analysis.

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