moorFLPI-2 Research Software


The new V5 PC software boasts new modules for both measurement and analysis and introduces new features designed to enhance your images, improve reproducibility and streamline your workflow. The software […]

  • Laser Doppler Imager is a standard accurate method we now use in our cerebral blood flow and brain perfusion in our laboratory.

    Momoh A. Yakubu, PhD
    Texas Southern University

  • We have found Moor equipment to be extremely dependable and innovative.

    Dean L. Kellogg, Jr., MD, Ph.D
    University of Texas Health Science Center

  • In a nutshell, moorFLPI-2 is the most user-friendly system for studying cerebral blood flow regulation in rodents.

    Chia-Yi (Alex) Kuan, MD, PhD
    Emory University School of Medicine

  • I expect to be using Moor Instrument’s technology for many years to come!

    Faisel Khan, PhD
    Ninewells Hospital & Medical School

  • It goes without saying that the company's imaging technology itself is superb!

    Gourav Banerjee
    Leeds Beckett University

  • Moor Instruments have consistently provided excellent help and support for my research.

    Kim Gooding, PhD
    University of Exeter Medical School

  • We can't recommend Moor instruments highly enough. The technology is at the cutting edge and the support second to none.

    Paul Sumners, PhD
    London South Bank University

  • I cannot rate the company or the staff highly enough.

    Jim House, PhD
    University of Portsmouth

The new V5 PC software boasts new modules for both measurement and analysis and introduces new features designed to enhance your images, improve reproducibility and streamline your workflow.

The software an integral part of the moorFLPI-2 system and allows display, analysis and storage of blood flow videos and images captured.

The key benefits offered by the software include;

  • Spatial, Temporal and Sliding window measurement algorithms – capture full resolution images at the full frame rate, combining the best of spatial and temporal measurement modes.
  • Streamlined measurement set up – easier set up process to achieve the time and spatial resolution you need.
  • Control other devices (skin heater, pressure cuff control and iontophoresis transdermal drug delivery) – improve reproducibility and enables full flexibility in control program.
  • Advanced reporting for protocol based measurements – analyse data quickly using the protocol time points (e.g PORH, Toe Pressure assessments etc).
  • Comprehensive set of statistical analysis tools, helping to bring value and meaning to your data.
  • FFT and wavelet analysis functions – obtain information about the frequency domains to look for heart rate, vasomotion etc.
  • Batch Analysis – analyse multiple files simultaneously.
  • Numerous small improvements and tweaks (listed below – refer to release notes for comprehensive listings.

The changes are in response to customer demand so we trust the new version will be well received!

Important! note that the software will only work with moorFLPI-2 so if you have an older moorFLPI system we would be happy to discuss favourable trade in options to upgrade to an all new package.

Detail – Measurement Module

  • New high resolution spatial processing mode providing 576×748 pixel resolution at up to 25 frames per second.
  • Improved measurement display combining perfusion images and graph display for ROI statistics.
  • Increased colour image acquisition flexibility, acquire a colour image automatically at regular intervals or manually at any time.
  • Improved regions of interest. Polygon and ellipse ROIs now supported during measurement. Improved handling for intersecting and overlapping ROIs.
  • Added user selectable dimensions. Measure and display the linear distance between two points in the image in millimetres.
  • Added fiducial markers to provide a positioning reference in the image.
  • Added manual focus mode to aid focus adjustment in situations where auto-focus is unsuitable.
  • Added display of ROIs and grid lines to the video preview window.
  • Added monitoring and control of moorVMS-HEAT, moorVMS-PRES and MIC2.
  • Up to one device of each type is supported.
  • Data from each device is displayed as a graph.
  • Each device can be manually controlled or controlled from the PC software (protocol control).
  • Protocol control allows each device to have up to 15 independently controlled periods of activity, allowing complex studies to be automated.

Detail – Review Module

  • Customisable and dockable toolbar design to improve usability.
  • Dockable image window for maximising image display and customosing working environment.
  • Ion, Heat and Pressure Protocol graph data display, analysis, reports, print and save.
  • Batch Processing for image and graph Files.
  • Wavelet analysis and report.
  • New Undo functions – for undoing all image/graph Processing functions
  • Single table format – for all analysis windows.
  • Export statistics data to Excel compatible CSV (comma separated values file) files.
  • Link/UnLink ROIs – for moving or rescaling ROIs.
  • Support Windows 10 OS.
  • Remove non-essential warning messages.