Moor Instruments are pleased to exhibit again at the Society for Neuroscience in Chicago 18th through to 21st October 2015.

On stand will be the new moorVMS-NIRS monitor for deep tissue Oxygen monitoring – its first US outing! The system is intended for non-invasive cerebral and muscle tissue oxygen measurements (Oxygen saturation and Oxy/ DeOxy haemoglobin).

We are on booth 1771 this year. Drop by and meet Rem Lederer from our California office and Pete Jady from UK Head Office.

So – with the days events out the way, what else to do if you have spare time???

Well, we are going to watch the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team take on the Columbus Blue Jackets at the United Centre on Saturday the 17th and if we weren’t doing that then Garbage are still together and would be well worth seeing at the Madison alt-rock institution.

“The Bean” is a must obviously, but how about a virtual reality trip through time and space at the Adler Planetarium where you can also see the Gemini 12 capsule and meet the world class researchers that work there?

We look forward to seeing you there – Have fun, whatever you end up doing!