Ischaemic Ulcer

Wound healing is influenced by numerous factors including blood flow, tissue oxygenation and vascular pressures (such as toe pressure). Insufficient levels of these factors can delay the wound healing process. Non-healing chronic wounds and ulcers (including diabetic foot ulcers, ischaemic ulcers and pressure sores) are a highly significant factor in healthcare cost in addition to patient suffering and in extreme cases limb amputations and even mortality. Moor Instruments provides a range of equipment enabling simple, rapid and non-invasive monitoring of blood flow, tissue oxygen saturation and temperature. Low profile probes are available for use under dressings. In addition should you wish to image blood flow of the microcirculation over the exposed wound surface we have a range of non-contact, non-invasive, rapid imaging systems available.


To image the blood flow over the surface of the wound and provide a blood flow map we recommend the moorFLPI-2 imager.

Should you wish to simultaneously measure blood flow, tissue oxygen saturation (SO2) and temperature we recommend the moorVMS-OXY system, moorVMS-LDF, probes and moorVMS-VASC PC software. The moorVMS-PRES will add pressure cuff assessments.

Laser Speckle Contrast Imager


moorFLPI-2 | Laser Speckle Imager

Nicht-invasive Echtzeitmessung der Gewebeoxygenierung

moorVMS-OXY | Superficial Tissue Oxygenation Monitor

moorVMS-OXY - Nicht-invasive Echtzeitmessung der Gewebeoxygenierung
moorVMS-LDF - Fortschrittliche Laser-Doppler-Blutflussmessung und Temperaturmonitoring
moorVMS-PRES - Automatische Druckmanschetten-Kontrolle für mikrovaskuläre Routine-Untersuchungen
moorVMS-VASC - Non-invasive assessment of micro-vascular blood flow in response to standard, and your custom, pressure cuff inflation protocols

Was kommt als Nächstes?

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and to request your copy of our free Application Note which includes a detailed experimental method and practical suggestions. We also offer no obligation on-site visits so you can test the equipment in your facility.


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